Four days after the plebiscite and hours after leaving the UN: Michelle Bachelet appears in the Approval strip

the same day that Michelle Bachelet completed her four-year term as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the former president appeared on the television slot with a view to the constitutional plebiscite this Sunday, September 4where he called on citizens to approve the Magna Carta draft prepared by the Constitutional Convention.

During this Wednesday, Bachelet’s appearance had been advanced by the Horizonte Ciudadano foundation -created by the former president in 2018- through her social networks. “Please, don’t let this get out of here. Be attentive and attentive to the electoral strip this afternoon because little things are coming, ”she had pointed out.

From the Approval command and in the ruling parties they had been seeking to keep the appearance of the former president confidential, which is considered his last “card up his sleeve” to “surprise” the electorate in the final stretch of the campaign.

ANDhe televised spot was recorded on August 4 in Quinta Normal, in the home of a neighbor of the commune, as far as the former president arrived at 9 o’clock, after a management of Horizonte Ciudadano in coordination with the Approval command.

The audiovisual piece was recorded by Jose Torres and Alejandro Goic under the idea proposed by the Horizonte Ciudadano team, headed by the executive director Xavier Altamirano.

As detailed from the foundation, the former president and neighbors of Quinta Normal -while having breakfast- talked “without guidelines about the New Constitution, the progress contained in the text that will be plebiscitated, the historical nature of the moment in which we live and the importance of women they are key to pushing the changes”.

Bachelet’s preference for Approval had already been expressed by the former president on several occasions. “I already said it in Peru and I think I can say it again: I am going to vote on September 4 here in Geneva and I will approve. I am going to vote I approve of a new Constitution, because I think it will mean advancing the situation in my country”, stated on August 25.

In the images, the former head of state appears arriving at the neighbor’s house and, after introducing herself, sits at the table to have breakfast with a group of women from that commune, with whom she talks about the new Magna Carta.

At the beginning of the talk he asks them: “You know that in the current Constitution there is nothing, nowhere, nothing about women, nothing? But now there are about 35 articles that talk about equality for women, equal pay, because that still doesn’t exist.”

The former president tells them that “The Constitution is not going to solve everything on its own, but it provides a framework. For example, this being a state of social law, that is fundamental”.

add that it is good “Also to be able to dismantle the lies that can be said (…) Many things are said, they say that they are going to take away their houses, but all that is not true.”

“It is important to point out that this is a starting point, that adjustments have to be made, but that it is an important starting point for all of us from which we can move forward, because when people say they want to do something else and then make the reforms, one says if they haven’t been done in 30 years, why now? asks the former president.

Finally, it summons them to “have hope that things can improve.” “I am going to vote in Geneva, you from here and I from there are going to keep history moving forwardbecause when women do things, history moves forward”, she concludes.

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