Former coach of Alexis Sánchez filled him with flowers after performances at Olympique de Marseille: “He recovered the joy of playing”

Alexis Sánchez has had ups and downs in recent years in Europe. After his brilliant seasons with Udinese and Arsenal, he failed to achieve the expected regularity and his level was no longer the same.

Although at Inter Milan he recovered the spark, he failed to become an undisputed starter in the two years he was there, so he decided to grab his pilchas and go to Olympique de Marseille, where only in his first games did he manage to excite the fans.

At the point of goals and assists, the Wonder Boy became a fundamental piece and little by little he adds praise for his hopeful performance. In fact, the coach who had him at Udinese, Gianni de Biasi, gave him the Bip! For his recent performances.

“I saw that he had scored two goals, his first goals for Marseille, that makes me very happy. Alexis has started very well with Marseille, it shows that he has recovered the joy of playing football, ”revealed the strategist in dialogue with La Tercera.

And along the same lines, he added: “In addition, he went to an important club, with a beautiful environment, in a city that faces the sea. Olympique fans are very warm and affectionate, as Chileans should be with Sánchez. There he can find people who are going to make him succeed, feel loved”.

On the other hand, the Italian revealed whether or not it was a mistake for Alexis to leave the “front line” of European football.

“I don’t think so. Everyone decides their destiny. Alexis has to see how she feels right now. You need head and heart. These decisions have situations that we are not going to know about,” said De Biasi.

pure praise

He even took advantage of the instance to assess Sánchez’s time at the Neroazzurros team, where he scored 20 goals in 109 duels.

“For me, he did very good things at Inter Milan. The problem is that up front he had Edin Dzeko and Lautaro Martínez, the coach’s starters. But he has played quite a few games in a league that is not easy. In addition, he won three titles in a team that had not won the Scudetto for a long time”.

Finally, regarding the evolution of the Chilean, he assured that “I don’t think much has changed since when I directed him in Udinese. In the field he shows that he has the same passion, the same illusion of doing important things in life (…) It is totally valid. His qualities have not been lost. I am convinced that he is going to do very well in Marseille”.

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