Filtered cinematic of Kiriko, new heroine of Overwatch 2

A preliminary version of the animated short appears, the introduction cinematic of Kiriko, new heroine of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 coming to Nintendo Switch next 4th of Octobertogether with the rest of the versions, advancing only his mid game PvP as free to play. Blizzard’s Hero Shooter is back with new modes, a new meta, and new characters. In fact, the kinematics of one of the new signings of Overwatch 2Kiriko.

The heroine will be the character number 35 and aims to have the role of support in the game. The role of him was already teased at the Microsoft and Bethesda presentation in June, with a brief appearance of a fox in the trailer dated Overwatch 2. Now, the video finishes confirming what had been rumored for several days as a result of the appearance of an alleged image of the heroine.

Although it has been removed on various platforms, the video with Kiriko’s introduction cinematic in Overwatch 2 It is still available online, although password protected, with voices in Latin Spanish. The time is drawing near for the Blizzard franchise to return to the fray. Will he win over the players or is it already too late?

End of Overwatch 1 in October

Overwatch dies in October

Blizzard has confirmed in an AMA session on Reddit what will happen to the first Overwatch in October, when OW2 arrives.


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