Federer: You’re sad when you realize it’s the end

the swiss Roger Federer assured this Wednesdayin London, which is “sad to know that it is the end” of his sports career and that he realized that could not continue to play professionally after attending Wimbledon last July.

Federer, who announced that he would retire after this weekend’s Laver Cup in London, held a press conference at the O2 in front of the media in which he discussed his future plans, his knee problems and the reasons why. that led you to make this decision.

Here I am to prepare for my last doubles match. I’m nervous because I haven’t played for a long time and I hope to be competitive. Rehabilitation has not been easy, many ups and downs, at least I have enjoyed being able to be at home with the family,” he said..

On the decision to retire, Federer confirmed that it is “a process that began in early summer.”

“We tried to increase the intensity of the training sessions and we saw that we couldn’t. It is normal in rehabilitation to increase a little and see that you have to go back, but I did a scan in which I saw that it was not as I expected it to be. He wasn’t about to risk it all. I didn’t want to end my career with so many operations. Tennis is a very tough sport, with five-set matches, tournaments every week on different continents, so physically you have to be in good condition.” pointed.

“You are sad when you realize that it is the end. But I could forget a bit when I went on vacation. At Wimbledon – when he attended the center court centenary – I thought maybe there would be an opportunity to come back next year, but during the holidays I didn’t talk much about it.” he added.

He also said: “When I came back I started talking about the details of how to quit, it was very stressful, finding the words. You always want to play forever, I love being on court, traveling… It hasn’t been hard for me. I love my career from every angle. But it’s sad to know that we all have to leave at some point.”

Regarding the best match of his sports career, Federer was unable to choose just one, but he referred to some of the moments of glory throughout the 24 years he has been on the circuit.

“I think about my first Wimbledon, the match with Sampras, the return to the circuit in 2017 with the victory at the Australian Open, my triumph at Roland Garros… I can’t choose one, because there have been many”he pointed.

“People knew me for being very inconsistent early in my career, and then I became one of the most consistent, it’s a bit of a shock to me. It’s a great compliment to myself. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed, being at the top for so long. It has been a privilege. Schumacher, Woods… They were at the highest level for many years and it is a privilege to be in that group,” he added.

The Swiss confirmed that he thought of announcing the withdrawal at the last US Open, but that he discarded the idea when he found out that he was not going to be present at the tournament.

“I was not going to be able to say goodbye to the fans. I am happy to be able to do it here in London. Perhaps the most special place possible. I really want to live these days,” he confessed.

The Swiss also spoke about his future: “The first thing is to spend time with my family, with my children, with Mirka… Have a normal life. I haven’t thought much about what to do next. For example, Borg didn’t come back to Wimbledon until 25 years after his retirement. I don’t think I’m like that, tennis has given me a lot, I’ve been here for a long time. I want to see the people again, I wanted to let the fans know that they will be able to me. But I still have to think about what exactly I’m going to do.”


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