Falcón’s representative moves him at the closing hours of the market in Europe: “Getafe is one of the options he has”

Just hours before the closing of the pass book in Spain, colo colo could be left without one of its main figures. The representatives of Maximilian Falcon They work incessantly before the window closes to find a way out of the defender.

Thus confirmed to Sporting Gerardo Arias, one of the businessmen who manages the fate of the Wig. From Europe, the Uruguayan commented on the options that the former Rentistas have in LaLiga to leave the white table, in a pass book that closes tomorrow, at 5:59 p.m. in Chile.

I have been working with clubs in Spain for many years. I have players in Getafe, Granada and Valencia. They asked me for the name of a good defender and I gave the name of Falcón”, the representative said.

On the concrete possibilities that the Cacique defender has, who is also closely followed from Mexican soccer, Arias put a name above the rest.

“Getafe is one of the options that Maximiliano Falcón has, right now we are working to see what will happen. The idea is that it comes out now, not in the next market. There are only hours left for the transfer book to close, but in my career I have become accustomed to bringing in soccer players at the last moment,” says the businessman.

The name of the holder of the Colombian defense has been on the list of the technical secretariats of several foreign teams for a long time, especially in the mexican market.

According to Arias, the idea of ​​​​the charrúa is to leave Macul’s team on good terms, in case there is a specific offer for his pass.

“We have an exit clause of 3 million dollars, but we don’t want to use it. If there is a certain option, we will sit down with Colo Colo Colo to come out in a good way. We are honest people and we don’t want to affect a team that opened up such a beautiful possibility for us, “explained the footballer’s representative.

He also clarified that “Falcon He is a good boy, very hardworking. Last year he had to eat the hangovers, have a bit of a bad time, but he is very grateful to the Chilean club ”.

In the same way, he insisted that “it has a price that is set by contract, but we want to see that it is a good option for all parties if the business is carried out.”

The central defender has a contract until December 2023 with Colo Colo, a team that owns 50% of the player’s pass, prior payment of 650 thousand dollars to the Rentistas club, in October 2020.

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