Fact-checking the crossfire between Luciano Arriagada and Gustavo Quinteros that shakes Colo Colo

The final stretch of 2020 surprised colo colo in the darkest trance of its history, at least from the sporting point of view. The albos did not stop losing points and paid the consequences in the standings. The danger of relegation, which throughout the club’s existence had been a distant and alien reality, now became a concrete threat. On the field, the Cacique could not find his way. On October 6, Black and White carried out a blow with which he intended to shake his weakened squad: Gustavo Quinteros replaced Gualberto Jara on the Cacique bench. The arrival of the former Catholic University coach was a strong signal at a critical stage in which the white team and, strictly speaking, the entire popular club, clung to any glimmer of hope to get out of the basement and, ultimately, defend their history.

Three days after the arrival of the strategist, the albos visited Coquimbo Unido. They did it, again, with the rope around their necks. As if it were one of those designs that the whites needed so much, Quinteros ordered a modification that even acquired a symbolic character: in the 85th minute, the strategist ordered Esteban Paredes to leave the playing fieldthe maximum symbol of the club in the last time. In his place he entered Luciano Arriagada, then one of the main promises of the Macul quarry. The change ended up being a complete success: On the last play of the match, after an assist from Gabriel Costa, the 18-year-old striker scored the goal of the agonizing 2-2 that ended the match. The albos rescued a crucial point and, according to the most optimistic, witnessed the birth of a new figure. Or, at least, a new amulet.

Luciano Arriagada celebrates the goal he scored against Huachipato, in May 2021
Luciano Arriagada celebrates the goal he scored against Huachipato, in May 2021 (Photo: Agenciauno)

Arriagada saw his figuration grow exponentially. His social networks were filled with followers, he won the sympathy of the fans, who baptized him as ‘Droguett’, due to the resemblance they attribute to the character of the animated series Diego and Glot, and the same followers placed him as the striker who would take over from the Tank. In the middle of the year, Martín Lasarte gave him a push that seemed decisive: included him in the selection who participated in the Copa América that was played in Brazil. In that tournament, he was about to shine his talismanic role and almost scored in the match against Uruguay. Upon returning from the continental competition, nothing went as the attacker expected. “When I came back from the Copa América, I was very motivated. I almost scored a goal and I don’t know what would have happened. I came back with many emotions, desire to work. In the first game, the return with Palestino, Gustavo does not quote me and he tells me that I have to go as a baseball player”, recalled the battering ram during his time on F90, from Espn. The reality check seemed too powerful. And, indeed, the statement is correct, since the budding scorer did not appear on the squad list.

On September 10, Arriagada received competition. Quinteros had publicly insisted on the signing of a center forward and, on the verge of closing the transfer book, the leadership ended up giving him the pleasure: he hired the Venezuelan Christian Santos, who arrived endorsed by his steps through Germany and Spain, although time would show that his contribution would be far from expectations. “The truth is that I don’t really understand it either. Maybe he liked Santos more”, the new striker theorized. The truth is that the statement has a relative validity, because, strictly speaking, although the llanero became a regular summoned by the coach, mainly due to the lack of great alternatives for the position, his conditions did not convince him either. The former Alavés striker added 13 games for the National Championship throughout his time at Pedrero. In just four he was a starter and totaled 370 minutes, in which he scored just one goal. In what the complaint of the striker who has agreed to go to Brazilian football is right is that he had less time on the field: since his arrival, Arriagada He has accumulated just 260 minutes in 15 games and in only two of them was he considered from the start. Of course, his scoring production triples that of Santos, since he marked Huachipato and La Serena, although in 2022 he has not yet opened the record and, after the decision he made and the offensive against the coach, it seems difficult for him to have the possibility of doing so. “On my part, I am training with the team, always available to the coach. I am a Colo Colo player and if the coach needs me, I am available”, Arriagada pointed out, as a sign of his willingness to continue contributing until he leaves. Quinteros doesn’t care. Without going any further, this weekend, when he did not have John Martin Lucerodid not consider it in the call either.

Luciano Arriagada, one of the white footballers who entered the call for urgency
Luciano Arriagada, on the way to the alba bench. (Photo: Agenciauno)

Quinteros replied, In an interview with La Tercera, regarding the situation of Arriagada, although he included the other youth of the campus. The strategist emphasized that in his management he has given permanent options to the elements that emerged from the club’s quarry. “It’s because there are other youth who are at a better level. That’s why ”, he replied in relation to the loss of continuity of the attacker and the midfielder Joan Cruz, two of the most promising values ​​of the Albas lower divisions in recent times. The coach’s counterattack included a mention of several contemporaries of both mentioned. “The youth have the option of trying their luck at another club. There are youth who stay and fight for a place, as Pizarro did and today it is a reality; he plays almost always. Another youth who stayed, did very well and was sold was Solari; Oroz came back from a loan and had a lot of participation too… Bruno Gutiérrez, Jeyson Rojas… Several youths who are playing for the possibility of playing in Colo Colo and they are doing very well… The youths who want to leave have their doors open and those who want to stay to fight for a place in the club, too. We know that playing in Colo Colo costs more than in other teams, but Colo Colo gives you many options and is a much bigger showcase than any other team”, shot the DT.

One point in his favor is that in the campaigns that the Cacique has been in charge of, he has complied smoothly with the statutory obligation to include young elements. Without going any further, in the present, the albos already register 1,546 youthful minutes used. That is to say, they have 344 left to fulfilla more than manageable figure, considering the remaining matches for the end of the season.

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