Early-morning sexual assault recorded in Rittenhouse Square sector, Philadelphia – NBC Los Angeles

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A 27-year-old woman was sexually assaulted leaving a bar on her way home in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood early Friday in Philadelphia.

The incident was reported to have occurred in the 1800 block of Walnut Street at 1:35 am between two tents that are located in the area park for an arts festival to be held over the weekend.

James Kearney, captain of the Special Victims Unit, SVU for its acronym in English, said the victim left a nearby bar and was walking home, two blocks or a block and a half, when she was forced into the booths by the attacker.

Here’s what we know from the research:

  • The victim was on her way home when she was approached by the attacker.
  • The woman was forced between two tents set up in Rittenhouse Park.
  • A 29-year-old security guard interrupted the act and the attacker fled north on foot.

“In these cases I call the surviving victims. I don’t know if at some point he will recover, these are traumatic acts,” Kearny said excitedly. “It doesn’t matter if the victim was intoxicated or not. A person has the right to have two or three beers and walk home safely, “argued the official while endorsing the intervention of his agents in the case.

He took the opportunity to urge help from people who may have been in the area, since it is frequented by many due to the restaurants and bars located there, to offer clues if they saw something or recognize the suspect.

This is the description of the alleged implicated:

  • Black male, in his early 40s, six feet or six feet five inches tall, tall but not fat with a dark complexion.
  • He was wearing a gray t-shirt with blue jeans and underwear.

The incident remains under investigation and detectives located all video footage of the area to track down the suspect. Once they have clear images they will be released.

“The victim said that the individual had a separation in the teeth, he did not explain if he had missing teeth, but that may be a piece of information that leads us to find the subject,” Kearney added.

This is not the first instance of sexual assault in that area. In 2014 a doctor she was chased and beaten when she arrived at her house in that sector and then sexually assaulted.

All of this comes as Rittenhouse Park gets ready for a weekend Art Festival and its traditional Saturday Farmer’s Market.

A 20-year-old woman reported being sexually assaulted early Friday morning in Rittenhouse Square. Miguel Martínez Valle with the report.


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