Dramas with JC Rodríguez and Ruminot? Daniel Fuenzalida revealed why he rejected the invitation to PCR and Grill Partners

There are several little celebrities who for some time now have passed through the different talk shows that are on screen today.

However, the absence of Daniel Fuenzalida in some of them generated suspicions in Farandulandia. In fact, the former Egg only attended De tú a tú, but he has not been present in other similarly cut spaces, such as But with respect, Partners of the grill and We can talk.

In fact, after a comment made by Don Francisco this week on the JC Rodríguez program, speculation arose of an alleged bad vibe between the journalist from Chilevisión and Fuenzalida, who have even thrown a couple of darts at each other in the past.

In addition, in the same Me Late they stung her finitely and speculated on the alleged quarrels between the television figures. Even the cahuín also arose that Fuenzalida and Ruminot, one of the drivers of Partners of the grid, do not have the best reactions either, so that would be one of the causes of their refusal to be present in said programs.

However, it was Fuenzalida himself who decided to clarify the situation. Although he confirmed some dramas with JC and Ruminot, he flatly ruled out that these are the reasons for lowering the finger to those conversation spaces.

“It is that I find that one has to go to programs when one has to talk about something or talk about something. I am going to say this very seriously, because I have been asked a lot. Last time I was invited to ‘PCR’ to ‘PH’ and to ‘Grill Partners’. In all three I have said no because I feel that the program ‘De tú a tú’ (by Martín Cárcamo, on Channel 13, where he spoke at length about his life) was so beautiful and I spoke what I had to speak, at least that part of the year,” he clarified.

The truth of Daniel Fuenzalida

And along the same lines, he added: “I don’t know if I can be a guest on a program in November or December, but I find that I already said what I had to say, what I felt in ‘De tú a tú’. So, going to redound more than something I think is an excess ”.

In addition, he also revealed that at the time it crossed his mind to go to the Channel 13 program to settle his differences with the comedian.

“I thought so. He might even have accepted for that reason. To ask Ruminot why this bad vibe and if we could fix the situation. Because I think he doesn’t understand bad vibes and I don’t understand bad vibes. And one is in times of wanting to fix things. So, I would have accepted for that. ‘Hey, Pedro, what’s up’ and we could even have thrown away the carving”, he commented.

About his enmity with Rodríguez, Fuenzalida was also clear about it.

“At another time, and it’s not that I want to play the divo and I don’t want to go to any program. No, for nothing. Julio, all respect to Julio and happy to go. What’s more, I say that he is an excellent conversationalist and that he has always invited me to ‘Follow me the good ones’ and everything, but I find that in the ‘PH’ and the ‘PCR’, you have to go and talk about one and I think that quota, for now, in ‘De tú a tú’ is already satisfied”, he concluded.

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