Don’t have a newsletter yet? See why you should consider it

In inbound marketing, a fundamental tool is the newsletter. Far from dying, this type of communication increasingly consolidates its position due to several factors.

Let’s review more on this topic.

What is a newsletter

Starting from the beginning, a newsletter is a digital newsletter that is sent by email to a subscriber base and that it has a stable frequency, be it daily, weekly, fortnightly or any other period.

These messages include brand or industry news, linked to the brand’s website or social networks, as well as a CTA or some promotion.

As we mentioned in this articleused to start the lead nurturing process and it is a powerful communication tool with great conversion and loyalty potential, as long as it is used correctly.

Why? The newsletter is a tool that will help you connect with people who have already shown some interest in the brand, having subscribed to the newsletter or otherwise agreeing to receive communications of this type. If you reach people with your newsletter who have not been related to your brand in any way and you simply contact them because you have their data, you will be harming your interests and causing an almost guaranteed rejection in the recipients of the unsolicited message.

Advantages of the newsletter

The first advantage of implementing a newsletter is its low cost. If you already have a blog on your website, even easier, because you already have the news with which you are going to feed the newsletter. If you don’t have it, you can send a newsletter with special offers and promotions for those who subscribe.

To get these subscriptions, the first thing you need to do is post a banner on your site inviting visitors to submit their details to receive regular brand news.

It is essential that in each mailing you include the option -accessible and simple- to cancel the subscription, in order to ensure that your recipients are really interested in the communication and you are not bothering them.

Thus, with a little creativity, good content and an attractive design that includes images or videos, you will be creating and maintaining a stable relationship with clients and prospects.

A newsletter also favors the positioning and recall of the brand in readers, and you can even promote feedback through surveys and requests for opinions or reviews.

All in all, it is a very useful and versatile tool. Keep in mind that you will not be the only one who sends newsletters to people, so you must put a lot of effort into delivering fresh, attractive and quality content in order to stand out.

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