“Doesn’t it make you angry that…?”: Marité Matus’ blunt response to the relationship between Arturo Vidal and his family with their children

Marité Matus did not keep anything after being consulted about the relationship between Arturo Vidal and his family with his children.

The influencer interacted with her followers on Tuesday afternoon after opening a question box in her Instagram stories.

Marité’s fans then asked him directly about the footballer’s current relationship with his three children. It is worth mentioning that Vidal is in Brazil, while Marité is with the little ones in Chile.

“Doesn’t it make you angry that, while you spend all day with your children, Vidal uploads photos taxiing?”, they asked Marité.

The influencer honestly replied that “thank God, I no longer feel anger or sorrow. Because my children have so much love that I know they are happy children…”.

“The truth is that I already lowered my arms and I leave everything to life. In the end, everything falls into place,” she added.

Likewise, Matus also received another query about his children, but this time related to the family of the national team.

“Why is Arturo’s family never with your children? It seems that they are for the photo”, was the message they sent to Marité.

“Ufffff! He simply has no interest in seeing them, and when that link is not born, nothing to do, ”the influencer replied without a filter.

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