Does Conor McGregor have more bibs than Cristiano Ronaldo?

    Two sports figures and also two of the highest paid athletes in the world. So are Conor McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo, friends and both possessors of scandalous bibs. Those of the Portuguese footballer have a lot of genetics, since from a very young age he stood out for his ‘fins’ on his back, but the former Irish champion of the UFC seems to be able to compete with him in terms of back width.

    McGregor has been training hard for almost a year to gain kilos of muscle for his movie premiere, with the remake of Hard by profession, and in one of his latest videos on Instagram we have shown him off with bibs like never before. He appears in a vacation resort, in the rain and hanging from a bar to stretch his back muscles. “This is slippery. And I think he should have done some push-ups with the kid on his back,” he writes in the text that accompanies the images, which you can see here. LINK.

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    Basic exercises for dorsal like Conor McGregor’s

    Choosing 5 exercises to get a back and lats like those of Conor McGregor, we are left with these: heavy barbell row, pull-ups with overhand grip and weight, Gironde row, chest pulldown and unilateral row with dumbbell. (The 20 best exercises for a big V-shaped back).

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