Doctor explains why King Carlos III has swollen and red hands

A few days ago, King Charles III assumed his new role as monarch of England, following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

This fact has generated a variety of reactions in different areas. In this context, a photograph of his inflamed hands has gone viral in the last few hours.

After these postcards, netizens began to make a comparison between the monarch’s fingers and some sausages.

However, it seems that this is due to a medical condition to which King Carlos III would be exposed.

What happens to the hands of King Carlos III?

This was pointed out by Dr. Gareth Nye in the Daily Starwho explained that it was an “edema is a condition in which the body begins to retain fluids in the extremities, usually in the legs and ankles, but also in the fingers, which causes them to swell.

One of the causes that can cause this problem is a diet high in salt or the use of specific medications.

The health professional also argued that “it often affects three main areas of the hand: the thumb joint or any of the finger joints. This causes the fingers to often become stiff, painful and swollen and although medication may help with the pain, the swelling may remain.

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