“Do you know…?”: they reveal the millionaire sum that Arturo Vidal would give Marité Matus monthly

Marité Matus and Arturo Vidal were in the eye of the hurricane a few days ago after some hints were sent through social networks. The influencer criticized the soccer player and his family for the relationship he has with his children.

In the program I tell youwhich Sergio Rojas and Paula Escobar broadcast on Monday night, the journalists gave some details of the relationship between Marité and Arturo, and even revealed the millionaire figure that the soccer player gives to the mother of his children monthly.

Initially, the communicators referred to the bad relationship between Marité and those close to Vidal. Escobar assured that the friends of the national team called him “the witch (the witch)”. “She now has an amount of money that Vidal pays her, which she deserves,” added the journalist.

For his part, Sergio Rojas assured that Vidal’s family loved Marité at the beginning of his romance with the footballer. “There is a whole transformation, she becomes a billionaire woman and that’s when the family stops loving her,” said the panelist from I beat.

The millionaire sum

Later, Paula launched a bombshell and surprised by revealing the multimillion-dollar figure that the national team would give his ex-wife monthly.

“Do you know how much money Arturo Vidal would spend on Marité Matus? Are you ready? 50 million pesos a month,” Escobar assured.

The journalist commented that “it is not enough for you to spend it.” Likewise, she explained that this figure is to cover her expenses and her three children with the soccer player. “He gives her that money so she can do and undo,” she added.

Rojas added that he knew that the driver and the guard that Marité had was paid separately by the soccer player, since it would also be a benefit for his children.

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