“Disgusted to listen to them”: Cathy Barriga ended up on the verge of tears in tense contact with Good Morning Everyone

This Tuesday morning there was a tense moment in the morning Good morning to all for a tense contact with Cathy Barriga, who criticized the program on the verge of tears for irony about the stuffed animals.

In the morning of TVN they analyzed the new Comptroller’s report for an alleged embezzlement of $31 billion in the management of the former mayor of Maipú.

“Where does so much money go? I make it difficult for $31 billion to be spent on stuffed animals, nor for Disneyland to be stolen completely, ”said driver Gonzalo Ramírez.

“I feel compelled to speak”

After the journalist’s comment, Cathy Barriga contacted the morning show to make her defenses.

“First of all I am going to refer to the report, report, note… I don’t know what to call it (…) I have no words to address the damage they do, the damage they cause, the lies, the misrepresentation,” he began by pointing out Belly.

Later -after a small break in communication-, the former community chief pointed out that “I feel obliged to speak (…) They have repeated the note several times and I imagine that a marked rating was also achieved with that. It is an advertising of repeated insults without knowledge.

Good morning to all
Good morning to all

“I hear the animator of a morning show say that $31 billion was spent on stuffed animals, that this is not Disney… I want to tell him to be more serious in his comments, because by saying such an aberration, they hurt a person, to a family and I have tolerated too much”, criticized Barriga.

Likewise, Barriga added that “I don’t know how many times they have taken me to the Comptroller’s Office and none of those causes have come to fruition,” and then attacked the current mayor, Tomás Vodanovic, assuring that he has dedicated himself to “doing politics.”

Cathy’s criticism of the morning

“You always disclose, publish, replicate what is easier. They are being unserious, because they spread a cahuín without seeing papers (…) You promote hatred, ”he added later in his vent.

“I’m tired and sick of listening to them, it makes me helpless,” Barriga launched on the verge of tears.

Before the tense crossing, Carolina Escobar asked Cathy if they could “talk” what bothered Barriga again. “When you tell me ‘we can talk’… you have dedicated yourself to talking about me and my image over and over again (…) That’s why I tell Gonzalo, ‘how long do you ironically and play with a person”, launched the former mayor with a broken voice.

“The programs are posted on the web and you can review them. What’s more, what I said is that it seems impossible to me to spend money on stuffed animals,” Ramírez responded to Cathy Barriga’s harsh criticism.

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