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Niantic, the developer of augmented reality mobile video games, became popular and recognized worldwide after its collaboration with Nintendo when launching Pokémon GO. However, apparently there are other companies that want to enjoy the same title under their saga or franchise and that is why another augmented reality game called Marvel World of Heroes was recently launched.

Marvel launches its own Pokémon GO-style game with Niantic

Marvel World of Heroes will have a different dynamic -obviously- to Pokémon GO. Instead of going out to capture pokémon, each player will become a hero and must take to the streets, using the GPS on their phone, to fight crime in the city. Each user will be able to create their own identity as a hero and as they play and defeat criminals, they will unlock equipment and skills to overcome the more difficult challenges that come later.

It is not the first time that Niantic tries to repeat, together with another company, the success that Pokémon GO had. It is very likely that the game will again end up with a small fanbase of players, although perhaps the Marvel fans will discover us and make this game a resounding success.

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