“Dirty clothes are washed at home”: The opposition criticized Boric’s mention of human rights violations before the UN

Between his speech at the United Nations General Assemblythe President Gabriel Boric made this Tuesday a mention to the human rights violations committed in the massive and serious protests almost three years agowhich left around thirty dead and thousands injured, in the past government of former president Sebastián Piñera.

“Unfortunately, I must say, this discontent manifested itself in serious episodes of violence, such as the unacceptable burning of Metro stations and the vandalization of civic centers. And, on the other hand, we witnessed an uncontrolled repression that ended with deaths, injuries and more than 400 people victims of ocular trauma as a result of State action, which constitutes, from the point of view of our Government and international human rights organizations, a serious violation of human rights that must be repaired and it will be“said the Head of State.

From Chile Vamos, the deputy head of the bench of deputies and deputies of Renovación Nacional and member of the RR.EE commission, sofia cidlambasted Boric’s mention of abuse during the social outbreak and launched: “The laundry is washed at home”.

“It is unfortunate that the government continues to intervene in a process where it was defeated, even more so in the UN, where concerns should be focused on giving certainty and security to the world that Chile is a country where the rule of law is respected, which is which has been in doubt all this time,” said the opposition congresswoman.

Along the same lines, Senator carmen aravena (independent close to Evópoli) accused that “The President gives a partial and biased view of what happened from the violence unleashed in that periodand that he validated when he was a deputy, but nothing tells the world about the planned insurrectionary violence that caused great damage to Chileans with the destruction of part of the Metro, looting of commercial premises, burning of churches and damage to heritage.

“Nor did he say anything about the terrorism that affects southern Chile. and particularly to the region that I represent, La Araucanía,” he questioned.

In the ruling party, meanwhile, the Commons deputy Emilia Schneider highlighted that it was “a very solid speech that showed a humble, self-critical President with a view to the future. In addition, with a forceful call to the governments of the world to respect human rights regardless of where we are “.


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