“Did I want to hit you?”: Former TVN actor recalled a hard encounter with Nicolás López

The actor Raimundo Alcalde went down on the controversial filmmaker Nicolás López and revealed the day of fury he had with the director.

Mayor -who participated in TVN teleseries such as The truck driver Y Love or die– talked with Page 7 where she spoke about her friendship with Tutú Vidaurre, and the process she has lived with her friend after the complaints and conviction against López.

“It is a shell of his mother. I hope he stays in jail and rots in jail. I have lived the process with the Tutu since day one, and I am surprised by the number of fagots in this industry. And it’s not about sexuality. I speak of people without principles”, snapped the actor of The pack.

He also launched that “the number of people who defended him and did not get the poto wet is impressive.”

“They asked me and, having met him before meeting Tutu, I got a disgusting impression. The guy is a pig,” she assured.

“What does this hue…?”

The actor then revealed the hard encounter he had with the director when he met him. It all happened at a party and the Mayor assured that he heard a girl complain about her because the filmmaker touched her breast.

“I approached him and told him ‘you’re a director, I’m an actor, what have you worked on?’ He tells me ‘you should know’. And I thought, what does this hueón think? ”, He told the middle.

“I told him ‘are you egging me or do you want me to hit you?’ and he tells me ‘no, old man, calm down’. Being physically far superior to him, I didn’t see any fear in his eyes. That’s when I realized that he was a psychopath. He felt very powerful,” he added.

Mayor revealed that, after what happened with his friend Tutu and other actresses, when they asked him about the director, he replied that “he was a dirty piece of shit, let him show his face.”

“I couldn’t believe that nobody spoke against him. Everyone is interested in their own pocket, “lamented the actor, revealing that after this Tutu cried and told him that no one had defended her like that.

“I thought that if I’m going to have to keep quiet to score points with some people, to make my career in such a dirty industry… I’d rather do something else. The topic makes me sick. It makes me very angry”, concluded Raimundo.

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