Daniella Chávez reacted with everything after leaking intimate photos with the Chilean flag

What happened in Valparaíso with the Undetectables left several in the eye of the hurricane. One of them was Daniella Chavez.

It is that the model came to the fore of the controversy due to some intimate photographs where she is seen with the Chilean flag.

Some snapshots where the Playboy Bunny poses nude and was compared by several with the controversial presentation at the Approval Act in the Fifth Region.

“It is not the same performance, but it is the same flag. It is Daniella Chávez, in case she does not recognize her with the flag between her legs”a netizen told deputy Gonzalo de la Carrera in a debate on the matter where he made the images viral.

Daniella Chavez, outraged

Therefore, the lace answered with everything. And she did it through her Twitter, where she referred to the photos and the comments.

“I have received many attacks, insults, threats from people who support the Approval, at least that is how they identify themselves in their profiles”he started saying.

And added that “I have not uploaded anything about politics for a long time, out of fear, but they seek to match their disgusting act with some photos I took more than 7 years ago.”

Then he indicated that “I am not the only one who has taken photos with the flag, not even in Chile, much less in the world. The difference is that I made them proud of my flag and in a private context for a media outlet. Without children, without an audience and to see them you have to look for them on the internet”.

The mannequin stated that “I live in constant fear of attacks or threats for giving my opinion that they claim to respect. They create fake profiles to make me look bad… But continue with yours that I will have to adapt to this new society that seeks to intimidate to change opinions.

Finally, Daniella Chávez expressed that “the most terrible thing is that I live under threats and attacks on networks and in my profile or Twitter it does not say which option I will vote for or I do not advertise it at all. ANY!”.


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