Cristina Kirchner triples her assets in a year and her son Máximo reports 27 properties

In the midst of his worst judicial moment after facing his first oral process in which she is accused of being the alleged head of an illicit association that defrauded the State when she was president of Argentina, in “almost a billion dollars”, according to the estimation of the Prosecutor’s Office, now Cristina Kirchner makes news again for issues of money. According to the local press, the current vice president tripled her assets in one year.

The data comes from the sworn statement that Kirchner presented to the Anti-Corruption Office for the period 2021. According to the newspaper Clarín, the vice president It went from reporting 16.4 million Argentine pesos in goods, deposits and money to 48.6 million (about 350 thousand dollars at current exchange rates). However, the newspaper La Nación clarifies that, if inflation is taken into account, it doubled it in real terms.

Cristina Kirchner, former president of Argentina and current vice president of the country, greets supporters outside her home in Buenos Aires, on August 27, 2022. Photo: AP

Two years ago he had declared 9.7 million Argentine pesos, showing a continuous increase in his assets, highlights the Buenos Aires newspaper, which adds that the numbers are far from the 77 million Argentine pesos with which he left the Casa Rosada in December 2015, when the blue dollar was at an average of 15 Argentine pesos.

Meanwhile, the son of the vice president, deputy Máximo Kirchner, declared an estate of more than 523 million Argentine pesos (almost 3.8 million dollars at current exchange rates). According to La Nación, he is the one who informs half of all the assets corresponding to the inheritance of Néstor Kirchner in real estate and shares in companies. In the case of real estate, he reports two that he owns 100% and 25 that he shares with his sister Florencia Kirchner as a result of the inheritance.

Deputy Máximo Kirchner shows a victory sign along with other legislators in Congress as they await the arrival of President Alberto Fernández, on March 1, 2020. Photo: AP

Máximo also reported several deposits in pesos and two in dollars. In addition, he declared two ATVs, a 2009 model of his own, and another 2011 model, an inheritance. His assets increased in one year by more than 129 million Argentine pesos at the end of the period, the newspaper said.

For his part, President Alberto Fernández reported an estate of 17.8 million Argentine pesos (a little more than 128 thousand dollars at the current exchange rate), according to the affidavit corresponding to 2021 that was presented to the Anti-Corruption Office. According to the Infobae portal, the president’s assets increased by 107% during the last year, even taking into account inflation for the same period, an increase that was justified by the valuation of his apartment in Recoleta, one of the most listed in Buenos Aires.

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