Covid vaccines: a new finding could eliminate the need for so many booster doses

The new vaccines against Covid-19 are already effective against the new Omicron variants, an aspect that worried experts, due to the ease with which the virus mutated. The main drug agencies have already approved them, so they will begin to be inoculated from this fall.

Nevertheless, scientists remain concerned that these new vaccines will lose effectiveness in the future against variants that are yet to come. Therefore, the discovery of a group of researchers from Tel Aviv (Israel) could give a radical turn to this concern.

And it is that this group of scientists has made a new finding about the virus and the people who have already suffered from it would eliminate the need to be vaccinated with current booster doses and it would open the door to being able to stop doing it with the doses that would be manufactured by new variants that do not yet exist.

Important discovery about antibodies

According to him study published in the journal ‘Nature Communications Biology’the team has shown that antibodies isolated from the immune system of patients who have recovered from Covid-19 they are effective in neutralizing all known strains of the virus, including the Delta variants and the latest, Omicron.

And how is this possible? because the study it is an extension of another that was already made in October 2020, at the critical moment of the Covid pandemic. At that time, all immune system B cells in the blood of those recovered from the first strain were sequenced and nine antibodies were isolated. Now, some of those antibodies can neutralize the new Delta and Omicron variants.

Would you avoid booster doses before new variants not yet appeared?

As explained by Dr. Natalia Freund, lead author of the study, the most effective antibodies were those that bound to the spike protein of the virus. “In the current study, we show that two other antibodies that bind to the viral spike protein in a different area than the region in which they were concentrated are actually very effective in neutralizing variants“, says the expert.

The researchers identified two antibodies:

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  • TAU-1109: effective to neutralize the Ómicron strain is 92% and 90% for the Delta strain.
  • TAU-2310: neutralizes the Omicron variant with 84% efficiency, and the Delta variant with 97% efficiency.

“For reasons we don’t fully understand, the level of Covid antibodies declines after three months, so we see people getting reinfected even after they’ve been vaccinated three times. targeted antibody therapy and its delivery in high concentrations can serve as an effective substitute for vaccine boosters“, he states, concluding that “using this treatment may not require a booster dose to the entire population every time there is a new variant.”

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