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the popular cosplayer Enakō (えなこ) has recently stood out for taking increasingly daring photo shoots. Being an international representative of cosplay, Enako is recently recognized not only for her anime character outfits, but now also for sensual sessions where she appears semi-nude.

One of the most recent included a visit to a hot springs resort, where she posed with a bath towel in various poses. Obviously one would think that she was completely naked under the towel, but it turns out that she shared a video of her falling off during the session, revealing that she was wearing a swimsuit. The video is more of a curiosity than anything else.

About Enak

Enako is a professional cosplayer, voice actress and singer originally from the city of Nagoya, Japan, and born on January 22, 1994. According to her personal testimonies, she began to get involved with the cosplay industry in 2007, inspired by Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu and Rozen Maiden series. She also organized an idol unit in August 2012, called Panache!, but it was disbanded in April 2013, which led to a suspension of her activities.

In April 2021, Enako launched her YouTube channel. In her first video, the artist mentioned that she will tell through her upcoming updates about her personal life, as well as video games, makeup, the cosplay industry, and things that she likes. In fact, lately it’s becoming quite common for Japanese personalities to participate on YouTube as well.

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