Controversy in El Discípulo del Chef: they reveal details of the scandal that one of the participants put together

In the program I beat revealed the details of the controversy that he armed behind the scenes of Chef’s Discipleafter one of the participants was excluded from the farewell party that the cooks did.

Although on television it is seen that there are still several chefs in competition, in real time the recordings would have already been completed and the live end date would already be scheduled.

As revealed in the entertainment program panel, the rest of the participants gathered to celebrate but a controversial chef had been missing: Ignacio Román.

Luis Sandoval declassified the reasons why his teammates would have preferred to leave the former aside master chef from the party.

I beat
I beat

“Nacho Román, on one of the occasions when they were cooking, stopped and stopped the recordings of Chef’s Disciple because supposedly, they made him cook roast, roast meat, ”the journalist began by explaining.

He also assured that “the chefs, the judges did not like it”, which unleashed the fury of Román who asked to stop the recordings, since that would be his forte. “That would have generated a lot of controversy and he would have walked out of the studio,” he added.

“I didn’t want to go anyway”

“As a result of that they would not have invited him to the party. It was not official”, explained Sergio Rojas, pointing out that it was a meeting organized by the participants themselves.

Rojas then contacted Roman directly to ask him about the exclusion. “He tells me ‘no dear, it was due to force majeure, due to work. But he still didn’t want to go… you understand me and you know me,’” the cook reportedly told Rojas.

For his part, Francisco Halzinki communicated with another of the program’s chefs, who did not want to give his identity, who assured that “he was not considered because he did not get along with anyone.”

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