Colo Colo decides to buy the amulet pass Juan Martín Lucero

Juan Martín Lucero is on his way to becoming one of the most transcendent strikers who has passed through Colo Colo in recent years. The Argentine has been fundamental in the campaign that has the whites very close to lowering their star number 33, scoring 13 goals in the national tournament, four in the Copa Libertadores and one in the Sudamericana.

El Gato leased the pass to the club with a purchase clause, which expires in December for US$900,000. A figure that at first seemed somewhat distant for Black and White, but after the great performance of the scorer and the increase in revenue from collections (that amount increased to $ 350 million per game), today he has the board with the decision practically made.

And although they have not yet sat down to talk formally to close the acquisition of the letter from Mendoza, at the table there is full consensus in disbursing said amount and ensuring the participation of the artilleryman, thinking about the international challenges of the next season. In addition, the attacker has become an amulet for the Cacique: every time he scores, Macul’s team wins.

In the Monumental, on the other hand, they are already beginning to outline the following season, since they assume that it will be difficult to retain Gabriel Suazo and Maximiliano Falcón, since their representatives work incessantly to put them abroad. Also, They have to talk to Gustavo Quinteros, who has already said that, before renewing, he wanted to see if his sporting goals coincided with those of the leadership.

In any case, with the almost certain qualification for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, the dealership makes happy accounts, since they will receive US$ 3 million for that concept. In addition, they will receive the same figure from their new mail sponsor, Coolbet, which adds to the future income from collection and the US $ 5 million from the sale of Solarisums that would allow finishing with blue numbers, something that has not happened since 2018. And, incidentally, reinforce the squad with a view to international commitments next year.

Cobresal and Colo Colo face each other this Thursday, September 15, for the twenty-fifth date of the National Tournament. The meeting is scheduled at 8:30 p.m. at the El Cobre Stadium in El Salvador. However, the realization of the meeting is in doubt.

The Presidential Delegation of the Atacama Region is evaluating rescheduling the duel, due to the lack of a police contingent. At first, it was requested to advance the meeting a couple of hours, to which the Cacique agreed. However, other complications arose.

The main reason for this contingency is related to the National Holidays, since that night the various activities and celebrations will beginso the police staff will be assigned to monitor the security of these events.

The ANFP and the respective authorities are analyzing what to do in order to find a solution and thus not harm the development of the final stretch of the local championship.

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