Coldplay Effect: Municipality of Ñuñoa issues hundreds of fines for improperly parked cars

The Coldplay visit to Chile It has not only caused a furor among its followers, but it has also caused effects in the around the National Stadiumin Ñuñoa, with vehicular congestion and badly parked cars.

The fervor for the British band has been so great that, according to the municipality of the Santaguina commune, the first day of the four days of agreed shows already took place more than 300 parts for vehicles parked in improper areaswhich caused damage to green areas, in addition to blocking streets and sidewalks.

The municipality called for public spaces to be respected and for neighbors to contact Security number 1445 to report misconduct.

After two shows this Tuesday and Wednesday, Coldplay will continue playing at the National Stadium this Friday and Saturday as part of their Music of the Spheres world tour.


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