CM Punk whitens his relationship with Colt Cabana after statements by Adam Page

Since the arrival of CM Punk to All Elite Wrestling almost a year ago, fans and the media have speculated on the possible tension that may exist backstage between the fighter and colt cabana. both former friends starred in a tense legal episode in 2018which hinted at the tensions between the two competitors that existed for several years before.

In relation to this case, and after a series of statements by Adam Page before the event, CM Punk used the press conference after All Out to reveal details of his current relationship with Colt Cabana. “If you’re a journalist, even from a world as crazy as professional wrestling, you have to have a minimum of integrity so you’re not reporting sh*t that someone keeps for their close people,” Punk said.

I have lost all contact with Scott Colton in almost a decade. (Cabana’s real name), probably even longer than that. It is a pity that today I have to give explanations regarding something like this. Why an adult decides to leave a friendship is something personal, and does not come to anyone’s account. Friends are supposed to watch each other’s backs, but I never felt like Colton did. I always thought of him as someone I wanted to climb with, and not that he saw me go to the top alone. It seems he thought otherwise.”

CM Punk even touched on his legal issues with Cabana, including their beginning in late 2014.”I paid off all my debts with himI made every call and even answered every email. Including one where he asked me to go our separate ways on the legal front and have his own lawyer so he wouldn’t pay any more money. The problem here is that when I was about to sue him, we found out that he shares his bank account with his mother. As soon as we had this information, Colton wanted to stop this whole thing.”

Finally, and at the height of the night’s tension, Punk pointed directly to the EVPs (executive vice presidents) and Adam Page as responsible for not controlling the rumors that come out of backstage. “This is 2022, and the fact that I have to keep clarifying this and explain that no one was fired for a personal request is bullshit. Especially having executive vice presidents who should be handling media relations. Adam Page risked one of our biggest events by talking sh*t on national television, and I’m not going to let something like that happen.”

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