Clark clarified the link with Victoriano Cerda, the continuity of López and the arrival of Parra

After almost four months without speaking, Michael Clark Varela spoke with Radio Cooperativa about the present of the U and in AS Chile We leave you the best answers of the current president of Blue bluewho confirmed his presence in the game this Wednesday.

– Presentation: “I feel very calm. I am a quite present president. I regularly go to the CDA, I am with the coaching staff, the players, the workers. I seek to be a different president. I believe in a different type of administration than what is customary in Chilean football”.

– Continuity of Diego López: “I don’t put myself in that scenario, because I’m optimistic and I think we’re going to win. This is soccer and Diego is the first that he knows. It will have to be analyzed.”

– Arrival of Mauricio Etcheverry: “The U hires a lot of advisers. I feel that we as a club have shortcomings in the areas in which we operate: ANFP, administrative areas, match logistics and security. And that is costing the club a lot. We required the help of an advisor, we consulted and his name appeared. I understand the noise that it can generate, but it was not condemned for anything. It was proven that they had fabricated evidence against him. Regardless of whether or not he is a friend of Sergio Jadue, the facts say that he never proved anything to him. He comes to help us with a specific club issue”.

– Etcheverry meeting with referees commission: “It happens with all the clubs. They go when they feel harmed. It is not something atypical. It’s more part of folklore.”

– 850 thousand dollars for 50% of Ignacio Tapia’s pass: “Whatever happened before, I can’t take responsibility. The cruelty that exists with Nacho Tapia has to do with where it comes from, Huachipato. We brought Israel Poblete and Nacho. It is not the first time that the U brings players from there. The sports management analyzed its pros and cons. Nacho was a bet, being a young player, left-handed, with an unusual biotype and the sports management went for him. Surrounded by more experienced players, he will do well”.

– Arrival of Martin Parra: “Many things are said. It was very easy: we had two very good goalkeepers, Hernán and Cristóbal. Hernán left, Cristóbal stayed and Pedro Garrido is also there. We were looking for a third goalkeeper as Manuel Mayo’s first scouting job decision, with a B goalkeeper from southern Chile, but no agreement was reached and the option of Parra appeared, who was offered to the club on favorable terms. We decided to bring a goalkeeper to fight for the second position. Bringing Martín is a good decision.”

– Dario Osorio: “It has generated interest. As a club we made a decision: not to weaken the team before the end of the season. 5 million for 85% of the pass? I do not know. Today we are not going to sell a player, Darío is important, a starter, he is going to the national team, a South American is coming and he is very young. The world is not ending”.

– Should we be careful with the link with Huachipato?: “If the player comes from Huachipato, he comes from another team, he is represented by Pedro, Juan and Diego, and I think it is dangerous to make decisions based on what A or B can say. It is unfair to say that the relationship with Huachipato has deepened ”.

– Victoriano Cerda in the U: “I have told everyone that the names with first and last names are on the club’s website. If that were real, someone would have proof.”

– His illusion: “The club has to have a stadium and that day the sports performance will rise considerably”.

– Plan for the future: “We want this fund to grow, hopefully we have 30,040 my contributors so that in the future we can have the club in the hands of its fans.”

– Is it a competitive team?: “I am sure that this is a team that is in formation. More than half are names formed at home. They are bets that can go well or badly. We have to give time to the time”.

– What’s coming: “We are not going to be even close to what we experienced last year. I am calm and happy with the squad we have. There is a united group, with a lot of confidence. You have to keep working. We have to focus on what we have left. We have to finish in the best way possible.”

– Doesn’t the U lower?: “That’s how it is. We have a good coach, there is a lot of championship left, we have an important game, six more games and we will do well in the last part of the championship”.

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