Chino Ríos is unlinked and unloads: “It is very difficult to live with them”

The relationship between Marcelo Ríos and the young Chinese tennis player Juncheng Shang came to an end only months before it began. The former world number 1 announced this Sunday that he will not continue as coach of the Asian promise.

“They didn’t give me any reason why we broke up, I learned this from my agent who told me ‘bad news, you’re not going to continue with Jerry’. He was just on the plane from Atlanta to Sarasota. I got out and caught Jerry and his parents off guard and asked them ‘so we’re done?’ They didn’t expect me to know, they thought to tell me through the agent. And the dad says ‘yes’ to me”, Chino told La Tercera.

“I replied ‘la raja, everything is perfect, but I would love to know the reason why we ended’. So, the dad starts talking and I don’t understand him or split. Then I say to him: ‘Jerry, can you explain it to me?’ And he answers me ‘my dad says…’, he deepened.

Ríos blames his father for his separation, and reveals an unsustainable relationship despite the good results: the 17-year-old player climbed 167 positions in the ATP ranking since he began his work with “Chino”, he won his first trophy Challenger and reached another final on the circuit.

“I think this was a decision of the father, it was not a decision of Jerry. Apart from that, the mom and dad hold each other all day and it hurts the asshole. I told Jerry that I didn’t know him very well and to my dad that he couldn’t be fighting all day. He snaps out of it, starts screaming, or goes to the chucha. It is a very difficult culture, it is very difficult to live with them”, he adds.

Regarding his last conversation with Shang, the Chilean confessed that it was on good terms. “I said, ‘Jerry, I wish you the best. You play very well, but you still have a lot, a lot to learn. Good luck in the future. Anything you need just call me”.

Finally, he pointed out that he could continue to venture as a coach with young promises. “The experience I had was not bad, but training a guy who is 10 in the world doesn’t interest me, because I can’t change anything. No catches my attention”.

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