China discovers a new mineral on the Moon

chinese scientists have discovered a new lunar mineral through the investigation of the samples returned from the Moon by the Chang’e-5 mission. The Asian giant thus becomes the third country in the world to achieve this, after the United States and Russia.

This is the first new mineral discovered on the Moon by China and the sixth by mankind.

The new mineral, which has been named Changesite-(Y), It is a kind of transparent and colorless columnar crystal. It was discovered from an analysis of lunar basalt particles by a research team from the Beijing Uranium Geology Research Institute, a subsidiary of the China National Nuclear Corporation.

Changesite-(Y) has already been officially approved as a new mineral by the Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification of the International Mineralogical Association, reports Xinhua.

Other minerals found

Previously, it was some NASA missions that located the presence of silica-rich minerals on the lunar surface. Those minerals were different from those previously found.

There is convincing evidence that the Moon is a complex celestial body, which has undergone successive igneous processes over time.

mineral exploitation

The space mining can become an ever closer reality.

For some time now, several companies have been designing a future based on the possibility of exploiting the mineral resources found in the asteroids closest to Earth.

Geologists believe that it will soon be possible to exploit the precious metals found on the Moon.

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