“Chilean scientists should be concerned”: Karol Lucero alerts European authorities and receives a wave of trolling

“Unfortunately, this image of running water without stopping is repeated in many places in Europe. We have been in Italy, in Austria, in the Netherlands, in Croatia, in Hungary and now in Switzerland, and we see how this episode of water waste is repetitive”.

In this way, Karol Lucero started his last video recorded in Europe. Next to a pool, the former Mucho Gusto panelist showed his concern about wasting water.

“I hope the authorities do something. It is not possible that in the year 2022, when the planet is in drought, it will be wasted in this way. How much does it cost to put a stopcock? Hopefully something will be done. Water is the gold of the planet”, added the communicator.

On her Instagram account, Karol also wrote a reflection.

“Many witnesses, years passing and still nobody does anything… it is understandable that access to water should be universal, even more so with high temperatures, but what does a stopcock cost? They run 24/7, wasting millions of liters of drinking water,” he stated.

He also recalled that “drought is a problem throughout the world and reuse also uses a lot of energy in the recycling process, so a key is a good saving measure. Share this video so that hopefully it reaches some authority that can do something about it; even in the Vatican and in front of the UN this happens”.


As expected, Karol Lucero’s video was filled with comments.

“Hey, the solution you give is worthy of NASA”, “Natural Sciences Dissertation”, “You still need to describe the water pumps. 200 years behind”, “She screwed up. Scientists from Chile worry. The detachment of glaciers in the south of Chile are details” and “Soa Bachelet… do something with the sources in the Uropaaas”, were some of the comments.

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