Chile takes a step in its fight to get into Qatar: FIFA summons Byron Castillo to testify after the complaint filed by the ANFP

Chile takes a step in its attempt to reach the World Cup by administrative means. The FIFA appeals court set a time for the hearing in which the ANFP will seek to disqualify Ecuador from the next World Cup in Qatar due to the presence of Byron Castillo, whom they accuse of being Colombian.

According to information collected by El Deportivo, FIFA informed the ANFP this morning that the hearing will take place on September 15, at 2:30 p.m. in Zurich. In the appointment, the soccer player will have to present himself and respond to the serious accusations that exist against him. The Federation of Ecuador, Chile and Peru will also be present. The latter joined the claims once it was eliminated from the World Cup, via penalties, in the playoff played against Australia.

It should be remembered that Eduardo Carlezzo, the ANFP’s lawyer, questioned FIFA’s refusal to summon the Ecuadorian more than once. The Brazilian has repeated on more than one occasion that the winger’s testimony could be key to resolving the case in his favour.

“Apparently there will not be a specific investigation by FIFA into the player, and that worries me a lot, because when we entered we requested that a hearing be set up to listen to the player. He has to speak and the sporting bodies have to listen. He is the main witness, the main person, the main involved, the main investigated. He has to speak. I am very concerned that FIFA has not called him for a virtual audience to listen to him. I understand that the player would have to appear before FIFA to speak, to give explanations. And the fact that he was not summoned worries me a lot, ”said the lawyer.

The entity chaired by Pablo Milad demanded that the Ecuadorian federation be punished for the use of false documentation and, fundamentally, that the eight games in which the lane player in question participated be considered lost, declaring Chile in fourth place of the qualifiers. Furthermore, he requested that those from Guayas were excluded from the 2026 World Cup, plus a fine of one million Swiss francs ($966 million). Regarding the winger, who has just moved from Barcelona de Guayaquil to León, from Mexico, it was requested “to declare the use of a false birth certificate, false age and nationality, prohibiting the Player from any activity related to football.”

The list of applications was rejected in the first instance. The jury gave its reasons and the most powerful is related to the fact that for a collegiate body it is enough that two different courts in Ecuador validate and confirm the identity and nationality of Byron Castillo. “The Ecuadorian resolutions do not leave room for interpretation, since they explicitly establish that the Player’s identification that appears in the Ecuadorian Civil Registry, where it is indicated that he was born in Ecuador on November 10, 1998, does not contain any error and is considered valid.”, sentence.

Byron Castillo celebrates with his partner Pervis Estupiñán.

And he adds: “In these circumstances, the Commission indicated that it was obliged to take into consideration and respect the resolutions of the national state courts (as well as national laws) in relation to the identity or nationality of the persons, since such procedures are of the competence exclusive to the state court. Consequently, the Commission is subject to the assessment carried out by the Ecuadorian court on issues relating to the identity (and nationality) of one of its citizens, the Player.”.

The FIFA Appeals Chamber will now have the last word. However, Pablo Milad and Jorge Yungue, the president and the director who have pushed the trial, celebrate that Byron Castillo must, at least, give explanations for the doubts that exist about his figure.

Following the analogy that Pablo Milad exposed after the first setback, when comparing that defeat with the partial result of a game in which the game starts with an adverse result, it would be possible to point out that Chile added a new goal against. However, in that same sense, it is also necessary to point out that the defeat is not yet sentenced and that the final stretch of the match will be played on another court, the last one: the Court of Arbitration for Sport, TAS for its acronym in French.

That path is also expected to be difficult. The Ecuadorian federation, upset with its national counterpart for the treatment of the case, has threatened to deny the possibility of an abbreviated procedure, which could delay the ruling and, eventually, play the World Cup while the controversy is settled. Of course, the TAS could unilaterally determine that route, considering the proximity of the planetary event, or accelerate the resolution of a conventional procedure, in the same sense.

What is fully defined is that both federations will resort to that instance, given that any resolution will affect their interests. By the way, he will represent Chile again Eduardo Carlezzo.

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