“Check his cell phone…”: Coté López’s “anti advice” that brought out hives on the web

The influencer Coté López caught the attention of the web after giving particular advice to her followers.

Through her Instagram stories, the businesswoman took advantage of the moment and decided to pass the time by giving her followers “anti-advice”. Her dynamic was based on users telling her about her problems and she would tell them what they shouldn’t do, which generated various reactions.

“Tell me your problem and I’ll give you my ANTI-COUNCIL,” he said, immediately receiving messages. “I like my friend’s ex,” wrote one user, while she replied “Eat it all up, it’s her ex, the important thing is to share,” a record that went viral on Twitter, filling her with criticism.

“Cote, how to study without making you sleepy?” another follower wrote while she responded with a photo of a white powder alluding to drugs. “Let’s start again ANTICOUNCIL (the opposite of a council) hahaha chemimare. Yes, now yes? Did you read well? ”, She expressed minutes later explaining what her answers were about.

“I’ve been 3 years and my boyfriend does not want to pronounce with the ring, what do I do?”, they wrote to him. “Get pregnant,” she replied, getting laughs on the web. “I suspect that my husband is cheating on me,” said another user. “Give him a sleeping pill and check his cell phone,” advised Coté López, sharing even a photo of the remedy.

“And my people another day we continue because I have to go out now… I find it very entertaining, I hope they understood that they are not obviously advice hahaha”, he added in another story sharing more strange “advice”.

Look at the photos below:

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