Cecilia Bolocco’s great “fear” about her return to Channel 13: she made an unexpected confession

A couple of months ago, he announced that Cecilia Bolocco would return to television. Just like that, because Channel 13 announced that the cheerleader would return to the small screen with the program “Todo por ti”.

However, at the moment the date of its expected premiere has not yet been announced. For the same reason, Miss Universe while she continues with her Instagram lives, where she talks every week and with her followers from the cyber world.

In fact, it was in one of those broadcasts where the designer made an unexpected confession related to the space that she will lead in the former “little angel” station.

“My TV show is coming out soon. I don’t know exactly when, but they didn’t want to tell me, they didn’t want to inform me, “she replied to a query she received from a user of the virtual platform.

After cardboard, he expressed his “fear” because currently the private station is not one of the most viewed in terms of rating.

“We are not the first tune…”

“We have to spread it, if not, who is going to see us? Can’t you see we’re on Channel 13. We’re not first-tuners on that channel. We are not, I say, if I have nothing to do with that bad tuning, but good. We have to do promotion”, he stated.

“I hope they see me and if they don’t see me, I can tell them what I did on live…. No, better watch the program,” Bolocco Cecilia joked.

On the other hand, the professional took advantage of the opportunity to promote her live and an interviewee with whom she will talk this Wednesday.

“If I told you, you’d all be shivering! Shivering! They die. He has succeeded in many countries, man, handsome, handsome, handsome. Their relationships have obviously been very mediatic, ”he advanced.

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