Cata Pulido’s comment on Raquel Argandoña that outraged Paty Maldonado: she stopped her cold

An uncomfortable situation occurred in this Thursday’s edition of Las Indomables, where Paty Maldonado and Cata Pulido starred in a tense crossover.

Although they usually agree with your opinions, this time the former Mucho Gusto was kicked in the wadding by a joke that the actress launched about Raquel Argandoña.

It all came about when the opinologist was looking at a photo from 30 years ago. At that minute, she revealed that she had just had cosmetic surgery.

Immediately afterwards, she went out of her way and stated that it was different in the case of a friend, who had her entire face purple as a result of the injections and aesthetic procedures that were carried out to cover the wrinkles.

“You have no sense of pain, hue…, me, an injection here? No, go to the chu…!”, the singer let off steam.

tense moment

“That friend was called Raquel Argandoña?” Pulido told her without censorship about Quintrala. Of course, she never expected that her words would provoke Maldonado’s annoyance, who stopped her in her tracks.

“Nerd. You don’t see that you start talking hue… and then you put me in the meek lining, hue…”, Patricia told him back.

“Nope! Or do you think that the only friend I have is Raquel Argandoña? Is she the only friend I have in the world? ”, Maldonado blasted before they both decided to quickly change the topic of conversation.

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