Carlos Heller breaks the silence and leaves open his return to football: “They treated me very badly, it was hard”

Since his departure from Azul Azul, Carlos Heller had not faced the media. The businessman, in April 2021, sold 63% of its shares to Sartor Administradora de Fondos de Inversión Privado SA, on behalf of the Tactical Sport Private Investment Fund.

Who was president for more than six years of the U decided to retire quietly. Tired of the environment that surrounded him during the last few years in his love club, which included death threats against him, he focused on his business. Football, according to what he swore to those closest to him, would never again be within his future projects.

In Los Angeles, prior to a new date for the Mobil Rally, Carlos Heller broke the silence. He seemed relaxed, very happy with the atmosphere that was generated in his city with the event. Pedro and Alberto, his sons, are two outstanding pilots of the competition that takes place throughout Chile.

“The affection of the people has been extraordinary, the reception they have given me. As always, the angeleno responding to these events “he says, in an official broadcast from the City of Los Angeles.

Heller addressed different topics. He was not consulted by the present from Universidad de Chile, but he was by Iberia, a club with which he achieved promotion to Primera B, in 2014, and which represents Los Angeles. Today, his former club is in the Second Division. “There are mixed feelings, seeing so many people and remembering Iberia. Much memory, much affection, much heart. Many people ask me ‘what are we going to do with Iberia?’ I’m going to go tonight to talk with the pillow, a lot”, he points out.

The businessman continues with his analysis. “I have a lot of love for Iberia, I have a lot of love for Los Angeles. I had a pretty tough exit from football, not wanting it. The public is sometimes unfair to people, but sometimes I think that Los Angeles and I deserve a new opportunity. The love I have for Iberia is tremendous. We achieved promotion in 2014. I am the only two-time Chilean soccer champion president. What happened? In May we went up with Iberia, we were champions, and then in December we were champions with the U. It was a tremendous thing, ”he says, laughing.

“The promotion with Iberia was a dream, I always wanted to put Iberia in professional football. I see it on Youtube and I get excited. I come to Los Angeles a lot, but I don’t go out downtown much. Now when I go out to the center things come to my stomach”he adds.

Heller, for a few moments, focuses on the competition that will take place in his city. “Alberto and Pedro compete. It would be nice if they came out first and second. Both times the competition was held here, Pedro won it. I hope they make first and second place. I hope that they are local here and achieve what they want so much”said.

To close, he is once again insisted on the option of returning to football. Iberia, a club from Los Angeles, since the departure of Carlos Heller, never managed to be a protagonist again.

“There is a lot to think about, a lot of cloth to cut. I need time to analyze it. I left football and promised myself never to be there again, because I left quite beaten. They treated me very badly. It was hard, but it hurts me when I see Iberia that is not doing well. When I walk outside the stadium, my legs tremble to return, but I don’t know, I have to think about it, “she closed.

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