Byron Castillo breaks the silence on a key audience day at FIFA: “There was a time when I wanted to resign; I came to the stadiums and they shouted thousands of things at me”

Byron Castillo broke the silence. The Ecuadorian winger, whom the ANFP accuses of being Colombian, in a complaint that will force Ecuador to give explanations this Thursday before FIFA in the Chamber of Appeals, referred to the accusations that fall against him today.

The current footballer of the León de México has not had a good time. “The truth is that I had a hard time in my career. The problem already comes from years, it is not from now. The international media believe that it is from now, but that was already solved in Ecuador. (The complaint) was made by the part of that country (Chile) and they replied, which was the case in the press and news was made”, he stated, in an interview in which he did not accept being asked about his past, much less about his country of birth.

“There came a time when I wanted to resign, not continue. I came to the stadiums and thousands of things were yelled at me. But I had a lot of people who supported me, don’t pay attention. More than anything it was from people in networks and in stadiums. There was a moment when I exploded and said I can’t anymore.”he acknowledged.

Video: Courtesy of Telemundo Deportes.

Yesterday, his lawyer, Andrés Holguín, advanced The Deportivo that its represented He will not be present at the hearing in front of FIFA, despite the summons. During the last ones, as El Deportivo was able to find out, FIFA was already notified of the player’s decision not to appear at the hearing. Little does he care about the audios that were revealed by the Daily Mail, in England, in an alleged interview in which the footballer confessed to being born in Colombia.

“That is an audio that was used in the process that Byron followed against the Civil Registry of Ecuador. It could never be determined that it was Byron’s voice in that trial and was rejected as evidence. It has no validity. The Civil Registry presented it as evidence when it did not want to give Byron Castillo an identity card because of the documents that the lawyer now has. Eduardo Carlezzo”, said the professional specialist in sports law

Furthermore, he insisted thatThe two judges, of first and second instance in the Constitutional Court in Ecuador, decided that this audio does not constitute evidence, since it cannot even be determined that it is Byron Castillo who speaks in that audio.”

Asked about the moment this new evidence appears, the doctor explained that “this audio must have been kept from 2018 until now, because already desperation is playing an important role. Because if the hearing is on the 15th and the sentence will come out one or two weeks later. And they will have all of October to realize that they will not enter the World Cup through the back door. This is driving the Chilean leaders and their lawyer to despair”, he concluded.

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