By Felipe Camiroaga: details of the old meeting between Karen Doggenweiler and Krishna Navas revealed

In the recent chapter of Star Zoneon the panel they recalled an old conflict between Karen Doggenweiler and Krishna Navas over Felipe Camiroaga.

The journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez delved into the strong tuft between the presenters years ago when they both worked on TVN. Rumors suggested that it had been between the driver of Buen Finde and Bárbara Rebolledo, but the communicator assured that it was not her.

“The episode of the mechoneo existed, but the protagonists were not Karen and Bárbara,” Mario Velasco said at the beginning, according to what was recorded look what he did.

“A protagonist yes, Karen Doggenweiler, but the other was Krishna de Caso, who in his time was Krishna Navas”, explained Cecilia Gutiérrez.

He also added that “it happened on TVN, in the dressing rooms, therefore there were many witnesses and it was out of jealousy, by Felipe Camiroaga… Karen would have hit Krishna with a shake.”

For his part, Hugo Valencia recalled some statements made by Eli de Caso’s daughter in a magazine at the beginning of the 2000s about what happened.

“She talks about how Karen Doggenweiler had entered her dressing room to ask for an explanation for her friendship with Camiroaga and that she (Krishna) had sent her to the top of the hill and had slammed the door in Karen’s face,” he said. journalist.

Along the same lines, Valencia recalled that Krishna asked for Karen to be fired, which did not happen. “She resigned the following year because she argued that she did not feel safe working on that program because of Karen’s attitude,” she added.

Cecilia Gutiérrez assured that “this speaks of the fact that there was indeed a more violent episode because nobody is going to ask for the head or is going to feel insecure because someone is going to confront you in dressing rooms or wherever.”

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