Bukele responds to Boric’s criticism: “The important thing is if my Chilean brothers identify with him”

After the President Gabriel Boric stated in an interview for the time magazine who does not feel identified with the way of governing Nayib Bukelethe president of El Salvador responded through social networks: “The important thing is not that he does not feel identified with me, but if my Chilean brothers feel identified with him…”, indicated the controversial Salvadoran president on his Twitter account.

Bukele has governed in El Salvador since 2019, where he has achieved great popularity for his fight against the maras (gangs), although he has been involved in a series of accusations of repression and human rights violations.

“The truth is that I do not feel very identified with the way in which Bukele is leading his government. I imagine he could say the same about me, “said Boric in the American publication.

“There is indeed an authoritarian drift: where to face a problem that is very serious, which is the issue of the gangs, which I know is very difficult and that crime must be faced with a lot of decision, but that cannot be done by restricting the democracy,” said Boric after being consulted by his Salvadoran counterpart.

Likewise, he criticized that Bukele has not participated in the summits of presidents. “We don’t know each other personally. He has not participated in the summits. And if one does not participate by choice in multilateral instances, it also generates suspicion. Why not face the scrutiny of your peers? “, highlighted the Chilean president.

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