British Prime Minister vows to get her country out of the “storm”

The new British Prime Minister Liz Trusspromised this Tuesday as soon as he landed at his official Downing Street residence to weather the “storm” in which the United Kingdom is plungedfor which it will resort to a government of the hard wing of the Conservative Party.

At 47 years old, Truss, until today Foreign Minister, is the third woman to reach the head of the Executive in the United Kingdom, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

Truss was commissioned to form a government by Queen Elizabeth II at the Scottish castle of Balmoral, after which he headed for London, where a downpour of water nearly ruined the traditional intervention at the gates of Downing Street.


Although Truss is in the same ideological orbit as his predecessor, Boris Johnsondid not miss the opportunity from the first moment to make a difference in his style.

Where Johnson resorts to rhetoric and ambitious projects without continuity, Truss is committed to getting to the point.

For this reason, she clearly indicated her three great priorities, as she did yesterday when she was proclaimed the new leader of the Conservative Party after winning her primary elections: lower taxes, combat the energy crisis and revive health.

“I am confident that together we can weather the storm, rebuild our economy and become the modern UK and fantastic that I know we can be,” he said in his brief address before entering Downing Street.

Truss alluded to the “strong headwinds” caused by the war in Ukraine and the consequences of covid, but was convinced that now is the time to address the problems that are weighing down the country.

“First, i will put the uk to work again: I have an ambitious plan for the economy to grow through tax cuts and reforms (…). Second, I will actively deal with the energy crisis caused by Putin’s war; I will take steps this week to address bills and secure supply. Third, I will make sure people get the medical appointments they need,” he said.

In an optimistic tone, he asked the country not to be daunted by the magnitude of the challenges, since “However strong the storm, the British are stronger”.


In the first row of the hundred guests who received Truss at the gates of Downing Street were several of the men who made up his first cabinet just a few hours later.

Among the smiling faces that cheered the Tory leader upon her arrival were figures such as the new Foreign Minister, james cleverly.

The formation of the Executive confirmed almost all forecasts. Truss turned to her closest alliesmostly from the far right wing of the Conservative Party and prominent Brexit supporters.

The British of Ghanaian origin appears as “strong man” of the Government Kwasi Kwartengwho until now held the Business portfolio and, as Minister of the Economy, must now put into practice the tax cuts that his boss has promised.

Aged 47, he signed the “Britannia unchained” manifesto in 2012, along with Truss and other prominent “Tory” leaders, which called for an ultra-liberal revolution in the economy.

If the challenges for Kwarteng, with a country in recession and facing a severe energy crisis, are great, those that await Cleverly at the Foreign Office are no less so.

The war in Ukraine and negotiations with the European Union on the Northern Ireland protocol included in the Brexit agreement will be the priorities of the incumbent of Foreign Affairs, an officer of the British Navy in the reserve, after his fleeting stint in Education.

Two women, Therese Coffey Y Suella Bravermanwill be in charge of two other key departments, Health and Interior.

The first, an old friend of Truss, will also be deputy prime minister – a more formal than effective position – and must pilot one of the main commitments of the head of government, the reform of the public health system, the NHS.

Meanwhile, Braverman, who was state attorney general with Johnson and was one of the most ardent supporters of Brexit, will have the mission of stopping the arrival of immigrants through the English Channel, another of Truss’s obsessions.


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