Brereton style: Mehssatou’s explosion after passing through the Red

Nayel Mehssatou (Chilean-Belgian-Moroccan) was the great surprise of Eduardo Berizzo’s first payroll in the Red. In fact, the 20-year-old logged several minutes on tour in Asia and left a good impression on both the coaching staff and the fans.

But it was not only that, because after his first call up to the Chilean team, Mehssatou simply exploded. The winger arrived at the national team alternating ownership and substitution at Kortrijk, a Belgian First Division team. Now, however, he has definitely earned a space in the star eleven, at the start of the 2022-2023 season.

In five dates, the former Anderlecht player has played four games as a starter (in all he played the 90 minutes) and one as a substitute, a duel in which he entered at halftime. Coach Adnan Custovic has placed him as a right back in a line of four or as a midfielder in the same sector under the 3-4-1-2 scheme.

Mehssatou, Brereton, Soto and Robinson

Although it could be rushed, the case of Nayel Mehssatou already resembles that of Ben Brereton, who arrived at La Roja with an intermittent presence at Blackburn Rovers, but after his first appearances with Chile he exploded as a figure in the Championship and a scorer for his squad.

The opposite cases are Sebastián Soto and Robbie Robinson. Soto’s career (a figure in the last U-20 World Cup with the United States) collapsed in Europe after saying no to La Roja, while Robinson lost all prominence at Inter Miami in the MLS after “starting” from Pinto Durán in the “It was Lasarte.” Are they just coincidences?

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