Bosch presented its main innovations at IFA

For all those who want to be more sustainable in their use of energy and resources, but also more aware of how they treat themselves, Bosch presented new options.

Extremely efficient premium washers and dryerssuch as the energy efficiency class (EEC) A washing machine, a latest generation with new detergent scanning in the i-DOS dosage, which also have Iron Assist to easily remove wrinkles from fabrics, also adding a new option skid steer to economically wash small loads.

This new generation also has access to many additional features when connected to Home Connect, for example communication between washer and dryer to optimize program selection, download of additional programs, personalized notifications.

As for ovens, there are several novelties, such as new premium ovens from the 8 series with Plus steam function, which adds healthier preparation methods, better preservation of vitamins, better nutrition, cooking and eating without stress, all this thanks to the Steam Plus Function (steam cooking up to 120 °C).

With Air Fry function, which ensures healthy air-based frying. Improved sensor technology for more accurate cooking, including cooking time prediction, plus additional help from the Home Connect app and a new oven chamber. In addition, the Bosch 8 series ovens They come in a new design with a digital control ring and a large touch screen.

bosh 03

New extremely sustainable fridge-freezer

The novelties at this point come from the side of sustainability, with a higher percentage of recycled materials and produced in an ecological way that helps households reduce their carbon footprint. Also 33 percent lower material carbon emissions due to replacing conventional materials with recycled, low-carbon or carbon-neutral alternatives, such as eco-friendly steel, bio-based plastics and foams. All made with 27 percent recycled materials in total.

At the fair, the new Bosch Unlimited 7 ProHygienic Aquaa vacuum cleaner and a mop, two in one, that allows simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, 2in1 DynamicAqua, with a removable 250 ml water tank, automatic water dosage where the mop cloths are always moistened with the adequate amount of water to remove stains effectively yet gently.

With a powerful TurboSpin motor and unlimited flexibility thanks to the collapsible tube, the comfortable storage handle, the autonomous function and the unlocking of the nozzle foot.

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The new hand blender was also presented Bosch ErgoMaster Series 6 with dynamic speed control, an extra-large lever for all speeds, integrated ignition lock, easy release for effortless one-handed use.

High-performance drive F High-performance motor providing up to 1200W incl. effective air cooling to ensure less overheating and a 10-year motor warranty.

Also has QuattroBlade System Pro, an extra sharp 4-blade stainless steel blade with flow enhancers for optimal flow and superior mixing performance. Innovations that will continue to advance to reach homes in the future and make them more sustainable and a better quality of life.

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