Boric: “It makes me angry when you are from the left and you can condemn human rights violations in Yemen or El Salvador, but you cannot talk about Venezuela, Nicaragua or Chile”

With a participation in the World Leaders program at Columbia University, he closed the President Gabriel Boric the agenda of his tour in New York, USA.

In the instance, the Head of State addressed different issues, such as the new constituent process after the triumph of the Rejection and the defense of Human Rights, in addition to launching a harsh criticism of the political sector of the left.

The President began his speech by saying that “I believe that there are advances in civilization that we must defend. I have seen with concern that there is a wave of questioning or attacks on things that are really important, and It doesn’t matter if they come from the extreme right or extreme left, those are civilizing mandates, for example, first of all, respect for Human Rights”.

Thus, he was emphatic in saying that “It really pisses me off when you’re on the left and you can condemn human rights violations in Yemen or El Salvador, but you can’t talk about Venezuela, Nicaragua or Chile. In Chile we had serious violations of Human Rights in the social outbreak, we can’t have a double standard“, critical.

In addition, he said that when he was a deputy -in 2010- he went to Venezuela when Chávez was in power. “I started asking myself questions, when I saw the repression of the protests, the manipulation of some elections, and I thought this is not right”, said the President about that trip.

Also, he stressed that “we have to be able to criticize it, and people on the left in Chile said ‘no, no, no. We don’t talk about our friends’… I think this is completely wrong.”

If we want a future in which the parties of the left have only one moral standard, in the world and in Latin America, especially for Human Rights, we cannot condemn what some states or the United States are doing, if you are not able to see what your colleagues or who you think your colleagues are doing. That’s what I think,” she finished.

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