Berizzo’s first find

One of the biggest surprises in the Red squad, which will face Morocco and Qatar in friendlies, is the presence of Williams Alarcón. The midfielder from La Calera, on loan from Colo Colo, was always under the call of the Under 23 National Team and apparently fully convinced Eduardo Berizzo. So much so that the DT included him in his first payroll with a view to the games this Friday and Tuesday, September 27.

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Great year

Alarcón broke into the first team of Colo Colo, in 2018, as another youth squad looking for chances at the Monumental. Inserted in teams with many alternatives for a single position, the mixed midfielder achieved few and specific starts. So, once the 2020 season was over, he opted to go out on loan to get more continuity.

He arrived in La Calera and, after a year with alternations in the initial formation, finally in 2022 the former albo earned an undisputed place in the cement squad. He has played 20 games and 19 were as a starter. In addition, he adds three goals, improving the figure of two goals from the last National Championship. He also indisputably left behind his stage in Colo Colo, which he sealed without any figure in professionalism.

The most striking thing about Alarcón, in this season, is linked to the functional transformation that it exhibits. He went from being a mixed midfielder with individual prevalence of offensive game content to a very assertive central midfielder. He retains the ingredients of a good game with the ball, but to this he added an efficient positional action and a clear improvement in his performance in duels during the recovery phase.

to the red

Alarcón’s moment in La Roja has a simile with what happened at the time with Carlos Carmona during Marcelo Bielsa’s stage. So, Berizzo insisted on the attributes of the central midfielder and played an important role in his insertion as part of the successful process carried out in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Alarcón in the training of the Red.


Alarcón in the training of the Red. Joseph Lake

Today, the panorama is clear in the initial stage of Berizzo in the Red. The new national coach firmly believes in Calerano’s attributes and, together with Esteban Pavez, is one of the alternatives on the squad for the role of central midfielder. The preliminary impression is that the Argentinian strategist would opt for Erick Pulgar as the starter, despite the lack of rhythm of the Antofagasta game, although little by little he has achieved greater participation in flamingo.

During the next month of November, Alarcón will just turn 22 years old. Together with Darío Osorio, Clemente Montes, Víctor Méndez and Jeyson Rojas, he constitutes the nucleus of renewal players defined by Berizzo at the beginning of his cycle in the National Team. Probably, when the Argentine was presented as the new DT of Chile, the Calerano did not appear on any tentative list. Today, he is present, which is the product of his evident football progress.

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