Ben Brereton: “For me, Colo Colo is very good and Catholic too”

The Chilean national team Ben Breretton He spoke about his sympathy with two national league teams and also pointed out that he may play in our soccer in the future.

When asked about the option of being a soldier in Colo Colo, of which he is a fan like his mother, he told TNT Sports that “It’s a possibility because my whole family in Chile loves football. It would be amazing, maybe later in my career, to play for a team in Chile.”

“Actually, I don’t follow any team, but my mom does support Colo Colo, but for me Colo Colo is very good. Catholic too,” he said.

When I saw the match between Colo Colo and Universidad Católica I felt that it was a tough matchwith great players. Maybe in the future I’ll play in Chile but I’m not so sure. We’ll see“, he explained.

Regarding the friendly against Morocco, he stated that “it will be a great challenge for us and I am very excited. It is another experience that I will gain with Chile, which is a great honor. I’m really excited to meet everyone again and see the coaching staff, so it’s going to be great.“.

He also indicated that it is “great” to have two other teams selected as rivals in the Championship: “It’s great, because you have Marcelino, you have Sierralta, so it’s nice to see familiar faces.”

“I recently spoke with Marcelino, taking advantage of the fact that he is in England, I sent him a message, in case he wanted to come a couple of times. He is doing very well, he is in Norwich and he has been playing well, scoring goals and assists.. I am very happy for him. I hope that now that he is in England I can see him and help him with the English barrier, but he has done very well so far,” he said.


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