“Because it bothers us, they give money for the Telethon”: Cristián de la Fuente generated various reactions for defending the super rich

Cristián de la Fuente has often generated controversy with his comments through programs or social networks.

To this is added a new episode, after the actor defended the “super rich”, and said that they gave money for the Telethon.

The sayings of Cristián de la Fuente

This happened on Twitter, when a user viralized a video where Cristián de la Fuente is seen, explaining the subject.

“There is nothing wrong with being super rich, because we need them. Because it bothers us, they give money to the Telethon, because they are the ones who invest in advertising, because they move the economy. So, if this comes out, there are many businessmen who are going to leave, there are many who have already left, ”he commented.

“The state is going to get bigger and bigger. All those who are in the Government are going to piss off, they are going to piss off all their friends. Everyone is going to live on taxes and not on the super rich, guess who … ”, she sentenced.

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