Bastián Bodenhöfer and his 3 children will star in a stellar appearance on the Channel 13 program

In the stellar chapter of the Wednesdays of What does Chile say? (Channel 13) will have two well-known families competing for a millionaire prize that will go to the aid corporation for children with kidney disease, Mater

On one side will be the clan made up of the Bodenhöfer, led by the popular actor, Bastián, and his children: the former reality boy Damián, Maira (part of the TV series poor boyfriend) and younger, Ian, who will make his small screen debut.

“It was my first time on TV; Before, I only went out once giving an anonymous spot on Paseo Las Palmas,” Ian said. “I had been invited several times to appear on TV but it always made me nervous, now instead it helps me to talk about my radio project with national artists.”

Meanwhile, the father commented: “I found it interesting to guess what Chileans think, which does not necessarily have to do with what one thinks.” In addition, he expressed, “I am very proud of my family, it is very nice to get us all together.”

The Bodenhöfer clan.
The Bodenhöfer clan.

On the other hand, the “De Caso” family will appear, led by Eli along with his daughters Krishna and Yuyuniz Navas, and his granddaughter Antonia.

“I had an extraordinary time with my daughters and my granddaughter, and I liked that you don’t feel persecuted or that you are being evaluated,” Eli said about the soon-to-be-released episode. “I also loved Bastián’s family.”

Yuyuniz Navas had a similar opinion, who expressed: “I love Bastián very much, he is my partner, I did several TV series with him; and his children are wonderful”.

The Bodenhöfer and De Caso families.
The Bodenhöfer and De Caso families.

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