“Background that people do not know…”: Mauricio Israel’s shocking warning to Manuel de Tezanos after controversial exchange of statements

The repercussions continue after the exchange of statements between Mauricio Israel and Manuel de Tezanos, which gave talk this week on social networks.

It all came about when, on his YouTube channel, the journalist targeted the current Central Circle conduit.

“We are not going to believe the Rabbi, please. I don’t believe anything that man says… Why should I believe the Rabbi? A person who fled the country until his claims for fraud expired ”, the face of TNT Sports launched a couple of weeks ago.

“I have nothing against Rabino, he did nothing to me. But hey, it’s the Rabbi, you can’t believe anything. Why after he scammed his friends are we going to believe anything other than thinking that he is selling smoke for free? ”, He added.

Later, Israel did not remain silent and responded in his own sports program, where he even played it with a “threat” to answer him more rudely in the next chapter of the sports space.

“Surely you have no idea who it is. Probably, because it doesn’t have any track record”, he dismissed it as soon as it started.

“And he has allowed himself to trash the trajectory of Don Felipe (Bianchi) and mine. I’m tired. I was fifteen years away, I made the mistake of leaving, but I got tired of them talking and not defending myself. And I’m going to use this platform to defend myself as many times as necessary. Because they bored me!” he warned.

However, the former Mega commentator could not stand it and this Thursday he fired again at the driver of Todos Somos Tecnicos.

The relief of Israel

“The first, the number of lies he told. A person who blatantly lies like he did, increasing a myth around me that has been going on for more than 15 years. At some point I have to stop these myths, “he defended himself in a conversation with Page 7.

And on the same wavelength, he added: “The second thing that bothered me deeply is his xenophobia. When she talks about the Rabbi, she does it in a pejorative way. I am not willing to put up with anti-Semitic attacks from anyone.”

Asked about what he will answer this Sunday at 10:30 p.m. in Círculo Central, he confirmed that “I am going to answer him quite hard, as I promised. I’m tired of people continuing to lie and deceive, creating an image of things that have never happened, ”he warned her about what will happen next Sunday in Círculo Central.

“I am going to provide background information that people do not know about Manuel de Tezanos. It’s about his professional work,” he warned.

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