At last! Nintendo announces its Twitter account for Latin America

Surely more than once they have wondered why Nintendo did not have a Twitter account for Latin America and they ended up getting angry or feeling rage because of the lack of consideration. And it is that as much as it is believed that it is not important, having dedicated content (even if they are messages) for this side of the planet is something that makes a company value even more.

Well, that has just started to change since the official Nintendo account for Latin America began its operations precisely this September 20this as can be seen in @NintendoLatam and despite the doubts that the movement aroused in the social network of the little blue bird.

And of course, because the user @NintendoLatam joined in April 2022 and from there it remained inactive until this Tuesday where finally and after waiting for years, the Japanese company gets in tune with globalization and begins to officially include Latin America, at least in its communications.

What benefit will this bring to Latin players? Well, nothing that we wanted (like discounts or things like that), but yes consideration in the release information And why not, the beginning of actions that have to do with the Nintendo community of Latin America, which, as we well know, is quite numerous.


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