At 76: Prince Charles and his long wait to become Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II passed away during the day this Thursday, becoming the monarch with the longest reign in universal history, with more than 70 years on the throne.

After his shocking death after months of delicate health, it is his son Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge who will assume the important role, becoming the oldest heir to become a monarch.

Prince Charles is the eldest of four children born to Queen Elizabeth and her late husband, Philip, and will become England’s monarch after meeting with the “Accession Council,” which consists of a group of advisers known as the Privy Council. .

After this meeting, Carlos will be officially recognized as the king and will be proclaimed as the new monarch of the United Kingdom.

The monarch must take an oath to preserve the Church of Scotland, since the sovereign king is the head of the Church of England. Once this stage is ready, Parliament will gather the members to take the oath of allegiance.

There is still no clarity about the name that Carlos will bear, it is believed that it will be Carlos III. However, due to various superstitions about the name, it is thought that he will take another alternative.

charles life

On November 14, 1948, Charles was born in London, who was only three years old when his mother became Queen, assuming his role as Duke of Cornwall at an early age.

Carlos’s childhood was very different from that of the other heirs since the little boy attended elementary and middle school, unlike his brothers.

The reason for Prince Charles to go to a common school was because Queen Elizabeth wanted her heir to have the most normal education possible.

At the age of 13, he was sent to the Scottish settlement of Gordonstoun, where his father had also attended. However, the experience was completely different as Carlos suffered. “The people in my room are cruel. They throw slippers from getting up all night or hit me with pillows. Last night was hell. I wish I could go home, ”he said about his time at school.

He was always a good student, he studied archaeology, anthropology and history at Trinity College of the University of Cambridge, where he had a fairly favorable university life and was also part of the polo team.

The 20-year-old Prince of Wales began his journey through the monarchy, attending cabinet meetings, earning his seat in the House of Lords and making his first speech in 1974.

After graduating in 1970, Carlos began his military career, following the family tradition, later joining the Royal Navy. He eventually gave up his career with the rank of lieutenant.

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