Angélica Sepúlveda lost patience with a user who questioned her vote in the Plebiscite: she stopped him cold

A tense situation starred Angélica Sepúlveda in her social networks in the last hours. This, after expressing her preference in the middle of the week for the Plebiscite this Sunday, where Chileans will decide whether to approve or reject the proposal for a new Constitution.

And in this context, the former reality girl confirmed that she will go for the Approval, an issue that generated some criticism from her followers.

One of them, for example, went further and questioned his decision. “Bye, I won’t follow you anymore. I am not from Approval, I love my country and I am going for Rejection, ”he replied back in the publication.

“You as a public figure should not make your vote public, that can marginalize you from many things. Chao ”, added the cyber idler indignantly.

The annoyance of Angelica Sepúlveda

However, Sepúlveda could not stand the bad vibes and stopped him in his tracks. “Are you seriously unfollowing me because of my choice? Well let me tell you that I have never asked you to follow me ”, he downloaded.

“In addition to loving my country, I think of the new generations and a new constitution is absolutely necessary. A constitution made in a democracy, not like the one made in a dictatorship, which has trampled us from bad to worse. Light for your life”, added fury.

In addition, the influencer also took advantage of the instance to clear up some doubts. “I am not a public figure, my courage is not compromised by hiding a vote. That’s for cowards and I’m not, “she finished.

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