Andrés Holguín, Castillo’s lawyer: “Byron will not appear at the hearing on the 15th at FIFA, neither in person nor online”

The publication of an audio, where the player Byron Castillo allegedly acknowledged not being Ecuadorianinstilled a good dose of optimism in the Chilean Football Federation (FFCh).

The news published by the British newspaper Daily Mail brings a little more uncertainty to the appearance of next September 15, where the Chilean and Ecuadorian federations will present evidence again. Even the same player was summoned to testify as a witness.

Nevertheless, in the environment of the side of the León de México they do not even flinch for this new precedent. This is clear from the words of the lawyer representing the player, Andres Holguin, who in conversation with Sporting refuted the importance of the file unveiled in Britain.

“That is an audio that was used in the process that Byron followed against the Civil Registry of Ecuador. It could never be determined that it was Byron’s voice in that trial and was rejected as evidence. It has no validity. The Civil Registry presented it as evidence when it did not want to give Byron Castillo an identity card because of the documents that the lawyer now has. Eduardo Carlezzo”, said the professional specialist in sports law

Furthermore, he insisted thatthe two judges, of first and second instance in the Constitutional Court in Ecuador, decided that this audio does not constitute evidence, since it cannot even be determined that it is Byron Castillo who speaks in that audio.”

Asked about the moment this new evidence appears, the doctor explained that “this audio must have been saved from 2018 until now, because already desperation is playing an important role. Because if the hearing is on the 15th and the sentence will come out one or two weeks later. And they will have all of October to realize that they will not enter the World Cup through the back door. This is driving the Chilean leaders and their lawyer to despair”.

Why did the Civil Registry sue the player?

The Civil Registry at some point, for this same information, for these same documents, denied the issuance of an identity card to Byron Castillo. When Byron’s identity card expired, the Civil Registry did not give it to him due to these questions that had been raised. Byron filed a constitutional action against the Civil Registry, which he won in the first and second instances. The constitutional judge ordered the Civil Registry to deliver the identity card to Byron for being Ecuadorian.

So it’s not something new?

Let’s see. All of this was already the subject of analysis for a constitutional judge here in Ecuador. So, FIFA could hardly decide against what a constitutional judge of the Republic of Ecuador already decided. I understand the expectation in Chile, but this case is not going anywhere. The player cannot be sanctioned in anything and the federation has the documents that support the soccer player’s nationality, in addition to what the constitutional judge ruled. FIFA will not interfere in the sovereignty of a country, because it is something that it does not do.

Why does it appear just days before the comparison?

I do not know. Someone is playing bad for you there in Chile. Delivering evidence that was already analyzed and not considered at the time of ruling in favor of the player.

Will the player testify before FIFA next Thursday?

Byron was summoned to a hearing and will not attend. In fact, we have already presented the letter informing FIFA that the player will not attend, that he will not be exposed to that theater that the Chilean federation’s lawyer wants to put together. Byron is not going to lend himself for that show, he will not appear at that audience either in person or telematically. He will now travel to Europe to concentrate with the national team for next week’s friendlies (Ecuador plays Saudi Arabia in Murcia and Japan in Düsseldorf). He plays on Thursday for León against Cruz Azul and from there he goes to Europe.

Who do you think leaked this new information?

I have no idea who could be leaking these tests that are no longer valid. It seems that he found a client there in Chile. If someone has a row with the player there are other ways to settle it. But charging a country in this way is miserable.

You trust that the ruling will stand…

In my view, FIFA will ratify the ruling as it had been pronounced. Ecuador will play the World Cup and Chile will have to go to the TAS if they feel like it, to ask for financial compensation. If they accommodate it.

Will Byron Castillo insist on the lawsuit against the Chilean federation?

We will make the demand once this case is over. The instance where we will present it will be made public when we present it. Keep in mind that we are no longer talking about a player who is playing for a local club, but now he is in Mexico and he spent a considerable amount of money buying the player.

Under what arguments?

We can say that we will make a claim against the Chilean federation with all that it implies emotionally or the affectation that it could have caused in the soccer player.

When will they make it effective?

When the World Cup is over, in the December break we will make decisions. But what is he going to do, do not have any doubts that it will be done. The player’s honor has been attacked, that’s why we will present the lawsuit against the Chilean federation. We will demonstrate the damage that has been caused, including financially, by all these statements that have been made.

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